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Exclusive school for English Language & Literature Learning

Welcome to NjoyLearning!

The School for English Teaching Learning!

njoyLearning is a unique platform that offers online English Language and Literature courses suitable for schools students and college admissions.

What do we offer?

  1. Focused secondary and senior secondary level online English Language and Literature, TOK, Global Perspectives classes for National and International curriculum of IB – DP, MYP, IGCSE, AS / A Level, Advanced Placement (AP), ICSE/ ISC. We have successful track record of teaching multiple batches of IB English course, IGCSE English course and other courses.
  2. Secondary and senior secondary level English classes for Homeschoolers.
  3. Specially structured English class for competitive examinations of ACT test/ SAT exam, PSAT test, PAARC test,
  4. English Language Skill Development for professional excellence,

Our Approach

@ njoyLearning – we facilitate students to develop a holistic learning which helps in relating knowledge to real life.

The academic course modules at njoyLearning are structured to complement the learning that students receive in their school/ college or offer essential support for self – learning students under Home Schooling system. Our scientific skill gap analysis approach combined with personalized instruction, methodical curriculum structuring,  model question paper solving and continuous evaluation help in harnessing complete potential of students. Confidence building and motivation- which are considered to be key areas for performance improvement are given priority in the teaching learning process.

Improving English language skills may be an enigma that hounds many students. We at njoyLearning decode this enigma by adopting four pronged approach in skill development i.e., listening, grammar, comprehension and communication.

Our classes are offered online using njoyLearning platform, thereby helping students from all over the world in reaping the benefit. However, some of the classes are conducted offline in groups in our institute in Chennai – subjected to a minimum admission.

Consulting and Teacher Orientations are integral part of njoyLearning

We offer advisory services of different nature for educational institutions and organize ‘theme based orientation/ enrichment program’ for teachers. Our advisory services include helping institutions in getting accreditation under national and international curriculum, help in preparing project reports/ bankable reports for setting up new schools or expansion etc.




Provide high quality education to those who aspire to improve their knowledge and skills - adopting online platform.


1.Impart English language skills that make our students perform better in academic examinations,
2. Develop confidence in students in taking real life challenges,
3. Develop critical thinking and lateral thinking,
4. Maintain quality and provide complete satisfaction to students and all the stakeholders.


Demonstrate and demand high ethical and moral values,

- Time-bound and committed,
- Value social and environmental responsibility, induce motivation,
- Rank high on quality.