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We assist students to make use of resources, help in homework and working on assignments, guide in project work, guide in Internal and External Assessment of IB Theory of knowledge as well as English Language and Literature. The student/s can query, discuss, clarify and learn one to one  in the virtual classroom. The experienced and expert guidance help the students enjoy the learning.

We develop our own material and planning schedule according to the needs and demands of the learners and their feasibility of time and pace of understanding. We believe in quality coaching and as a result many of our students come through referral.

The students on online platform gets several advantages and some of these advantages are,

  • Study from the comfort of one’s home, thereby saving travel time, cost and related exhaustion,
  • Take the advantage of accessing the vast intellectual resources available in the net / educational websites. This is important as most of the international curriculum IBDP programme and IGCSE focuses on research oriented learning,
  • Ability to access a highly experienced teacher from another location at a far-flung pace, which physical class otherwise would have denied such benefit,
  • Avail the cost advantage of sourcing the services from a relatively cost competitive geography.

For taking the online English Classes, the students must be equipped with,

  • High speed internet facility and
  • Online communication arrangement, preferably Skype. In occasions, Google Talk is also used.

We also offer advisory services to educational institutions.

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