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About IGCSE and AS/A level

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) curriculum (9th and 10th standard) conducted by University of Cambridge International Examinations prepare students for A -Level examination.

A -Level (Advance Level) is a qualification conferred as a part of General Certificate of Education (GCE) and has three levels with increasing difficulty level-

  • The Ordinary Level (O- Level)
  • The Advanced Subsidiary Level (A1 Level or AS Level or 11th level in some countries)
  • The Advanced Level (A Level or 12th level in some countries)

IGCSE curriculum is followed by a large number of schools around the world. The syllabus requires high level understanding of English Language along with competence in the technical aspects of the subject.

Our Offerings

 At njoyLearning, we offer the following courses for AS/ A Level and IGCSE students.

  1. Literature in English
  2. English as First Language
  3. English as Second Language
  4. English Check Point (Grade VIII)

Course Structuring

We work out the course content, structuring and calendar based on the standard and learning pace of the student through preliminary online meeting cum demo class. For group classes, the structuring and content is prepared based on the common learning need of all the students in the batch.

The structuring of the course is split into different areas of learning with internal linkage and overlaps. The learning mechanism is also built across real life scenarios that help the student in comprehending better. The course structure covers the following areas-

  1. Basic English: This will evaluate and impart the student with the minimum requirement to undergo the course. It will help the student in understanding the remaining syllabus rather easily. Typically it will include – use and choice of words, punctuation, grammar, syntax, spelling and vocabulary.
  2. Reading Comprehension: This will help students in reading effortlessly and simultaneously comprehending the meaning of statements. Many of the students normally think in their vernacular and then translate them while speaking, which impacts their speaking skills. Reading comprehension will help the student to think in English.
  3. Writing: It will impart skills required for writing effectively. This section will cover, writing skills for –
    • Essay, letter and email writing
    • Review and writing of articles and blogs
    • Creative writing
    • Writing brochures and catalogue
    • Writing stories

Through the entire curriculum the student will learn the skills for performing in the examination.

Who should join?

This course is suitable for students of the following categories,

  • Students studying in IGCSE syllabus and willing to improve their skills or learn something more than what is taught in their school,
  • Students pursuing under home study program
  • Students of any other syllabus. Because the curriculum has high level of universality, students of any other curriculum may also join to improve their English language skills.