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Online Classes for K 8 to K 12

Our English Classes are focused towards students of IB MYP/ DP, IGCSE, AS/ A Level, ICSE/ISC, AP and Canada Curriculum. The selection is based on the incumbent’s level of competence displayed during the preliminary engagement class.

We offer specially designed English Courses for students preparing for SAT and IELTS.


 International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Year and Diploma Program stresses on application orientation learning. In sync with the IB’s educational philosophy, njoyLearning helps its students to acquire the desired learner profile through systematic learning schedule.

Presently we offer classes for students needing support in English Language and Literature as well as Theory of Knowledge (TOK).

Classes for English Language and Literature:

  1. English A Literature SL/ HL – Guidance for IOP, IOC Written Assignment, Paper 1 and Paper 2, Extended Essay
  2. English A Language and Literature – Guidance in FOA, IOC, Paper 1 and paper 2, Written Task 1 & 2
  3. English Self Taught -School’s Free-Choice / Language

Theory of Knowledge is a mandatory subject for IB Diploma Students, in which the course allows the process of discovering and allowing the students’ views on ‘Knowledge Questions’. The course uses a combination without any particular order and it revolves around-

  • Exploration of Ways of knowing which are – sense perception, reason, emotion, faith, imagination, intuition, memory, and language
  • Areas of knowledge that may include – mathematics, natural sciences, human sciences, history, religious knowledge systems, indigenous knowledge systems, the arts and ethics,

We mentor and encourage the students to do their own work so that they become confident in the subject and find its utilitarian value in real life situations. The areas of teaching are –

  • TOK Essay
  • TOK Presentation


  1. English Language and Literature

Our online English Courses / Classes are primarily offered for IB- MYP/DP, IGCSE, AS/ A Level, ICSE and ISC Curriculum. However, we are not averse to accepting students studying in other boards – like AP (American Curriculum) or Canada Curriculum, provided the incumbent exhibits the expected level of competence.

Recognizing the fact that a student needs not only coaching, but also high level of motivation, mentoring, hand-holding and monitoring – we create a comfortable yet directive teaching methodology for holistic development of student.

The following are integral part of our teaching system:

  • Based on the need and standard of the student, we develop the coaching delivery plan.
  • The classes are focused towards Creative & Lateral Thinking through discussion and debates on ways of knowing TOK.
  • Homework support and help in exam preparation, applicable for all the above offerings.